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Getting up close and personal!

Not allowing an opportunity to pass me by while the sun was out and everything in my garden is in full bloom, I got started on making some more arrangements to promote my website. The picture I used before was an old picture my husband, Andrew took of me when I was in Singapore Botanic Gardens during our honeymoon back in 2010. I really love this photo - but I also know it's time to replace it with something that expresses my deeper connection for working with flowers.

The garden plants currently thriving include hydrangea, sea holly, two varieties of lavender, aster, sweet cicely, gypsophila, liatris, pittosporum, green poppy heads, and mint. The sweet aroma of the mint, lavender and sweet cicely was a real joy to work with, and made the experience all the more pleasurable. I chose a close-up head shot, standing with my head behind the flowers. It's simply bang on trend, but a good reason to bury my face in the scent too!

Photos courtesy of Andrew. He later admitted he rather enjoyed taken the shoot. It's naturally colourful and effortlessly refreshing!

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