A fresh start to our renewed Kinghorn Library.

Tuesday saw the soft launch of Kinghorn Library Renewed. All members of the committee, and volunteers have been working round the clock over the last few months to make this happen, with the doors now open to the public once again. Everything is fresh, from the newly painted decor, to the wide assortment of books in their newly-positioned polished shelves. It's looking very tidy and slick! I'm incredibly proud to belong to a community that is so supportive of each other, and doing everything possible to ensure we continue keeping our vital services running for the community, Congratulations and thank you Kinghorn Library Renewed!! As a token of thank you I decided to come up with a fan arran

Getting up close and personal!

Not allowing an opportunity to pass me by while the sun was out and everything in my garden is in full bloom, I got started on making some more arrangements to promote my website. The picture I used before was an old picture my husband, Andrew took of me when I was in Singapore Botanic Gardens during our honeymoon back in 2010. I really love this photo - but I also know it's time to replace it with something that expresses my deeper connection for working with flowers. The garden plants currently thriving include hydrangea, sea holly, two varieties of lavender, aster, sweet cicely, gypsophila, liatris, pittosporum, green poppy heads, and mint. The sweet aroma of the mint, lavender and swe

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