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Good shop vibes

What can I say other than it's been a real whirlwind of a month and year! I think I am definitely one of those types where nothing significant ever really happens but when things do...everything all occurs at once! The last time this happened was seven years ago when I got married and moved house! This year it involved quitting my office job, setting up a floristry business, moving into a new shop premise, and meeting an entire shop community that is Merchant's Quarter - all within a space of a month, AND everything went amazingly smooth as planned!

It has been quite a journey to get here, and perhaps I may be able to reflect back on the events one day once my feet are firmly on the ground, but for now I am still buzzing with excitement. In the meantime here is where I am - The Flower Ranger at 306 High Street. It's all mine and I'm ever so privileged and proud to be a small independent shop owner running a local florist and creative design business.

My shop sign was put up today. It was all lovingly constructed and hand-painted by my husband Andrew, A special mention also goes out to my landlord Ken Dorian who has dedicated many months of sheer hard work and dedication to get the shop over the line (some folk even missed out on their morning coffees - imagine the grumpiness!), who has magically transformed this premise into something incredible and amazing. Now at last over four decades I have finally found a real reason to get out of bed in the mornings! Sweet dreams Mary Gober!

Check out that view!

Not such a great view from where I'm stood!

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