My love for Lavender

I've taken the time to harvest some lavender from my garden today. I always have time for lavender, these flowers are truly one of my all time favourites. I love the fact they have so many uses. Not only are they a visual wonder, they are delightfully fragrant and taste wonderful too when used as a herb. My very first encounter with lavender was at nine-years-old during a sewing lesson. We were shown how to make a heart-shaped cushion filled with scented French lavender. Watching my mother's eyes light up and how thrilled she was when I came home from school and gave it to her. My love affair with lavender began. Whatever happened to lavender-scented pouches anyway? Someone out there needs t

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Today turned out to be a beautiful warm midsummer's evening, so equipped with my garden shears I gathered all my rich pickings together and got to work. I simply love the transitional change in colours at this time of the year; the deep blues of the Buddleja, Lavender and the Hydrangea, along with the dreamy pink Sweet Cicely and the hot pink Everlasting Sweet Pea which encapsulates everything about a midsummer's evening. My signature bouquets offer a diverse mix and abundance of varieties and I always , always have to have at least ten flower types to keep them bountiful and interesting. Happy Tuesday!

A World in Miniature

Terrariums are a magical way of bringing nature indoors in miniature. I've been reading up a bit recently about making terrariums as I'm a huge fan of curated jars and apothecary. I still wince at all my science experiments gone wrong, and the amount of chemistry apparatus I broke during my laboratory days at University! But now things have changed... I'm feeling inspired by a book my hubby got me last week called 'Terrarium Craft' by Amy Bryant Aiello & Kate Bryant. It's the world I imagine Charles Darwin and all his best buddies will be surrounded in; old Victorian walnut-furnishings equipped with plant and animal specimens behind big glass screens and dressers. Besides that it takes me b

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