A striking vine plant with velvety satin fleshy green leaves with patterned flecks of silver. The origins of this plant can be found in rainforests under dense tree canopies often surviving in the shade which makes this a great all round plant. As it grows it can be trained into a vine perfect for the home interior.  


Pot size: 12cm wide


Plant height: 30cm aprox


Care notes: 

Water: Allow the soil to dry completely between watering. Ensure drainage. Do not overwater. Reduce watering in the Winter.


Light: Bright light out of hot midday sun. Can adapt to medium light.


Humidity: High - mist regularly,


Feed: Diluted liquid feed monthly through Spring/Summer.


Toxicity: If you pet is prone to nibbling this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.


Tips: Keep warm above 16 degrees. Prune growing tips regularly to encourage bushiness. 


All our plants come in a 14cm matt black ceramic pot making it look stylish with any interior. 


Local delivery is available to postcodes KY1, KY2, KY3, KY4 and KY5 only. 


Please note these pictures are a guide rather than an exact representation. As they are living plants they are likely to show slight variations. 

Satin Pothos Vine & Pot - Scindapsus pictus argyraeus

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